What Are Some Symptoms of a Failing Liver?


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Symptoms of a failing liver include yellowing of the skin and eyeballs, pain in the upper right abdomen and abdominal swelling, according to Mayo Clinic. Other symptoms include nausea, malaise, disorientation, confusion and sleepiness.

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What Are Some Symptoms of a Failing Liver?
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Digestive symptoms of liver failure include increased thirst, diarrhea, loss of appetite and weight loss, notes MedlinePlus. Skin symptoms include jaundice, red spider-like veins, very pale or very dark skin, itching, and redness of the hands and feet. As the problem progresses, serious symptoms include bleeding easily and hepatic encephalopathy, explains WebMD. Symptoms of liver failure due to cirrhosis include fluid buildup in the legs and abdomen and enlarged veins in the stomach and lower esophagus, reports the American Liver Foundation. The patient may eventually fall into a coma.

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