What Are Some Symptoms of Eye Problems?


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Symptoms of eye problems include blurred or double vision, severe and sudden eye pain, swollen and red eyes, and itching or burning in and around the eyes. Additional symptoms of eye problems include flashes of light or sudden bright floating spots in the line of vision and a sudden sensitivity to bright lights.

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What Are Some Symptoms of Eye Problems?
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People with eye problems may also notice halos or rainbows in their line of sight around lights or floating spider webs. Individuals who need frequent changes made to their eyeglass prescriptions may also be experiencing eye problems. People who notice white areas in the pupils of the eyes, sudden changes in vision or unusual discomfort or pain near the eyes may be developing eye problems, too.

Eye problems can be problematic when moving around or conducting daily activities. Individuals who walk or step hesitantly, shuffle their feet or brush up against walls while walking may be experiencing problems with vision. Difficulty walking on bumpy or irregular surfaces or over- or under-reaching for objects could also be indicators of eye problems. Individuals who suddenly discontinue activities they enjoy because they have difficulty focusing on objects or moving around easily could be experiencing eye problems that they may not be willing to admit. A consultation with a physician or eye doctor is highly recommended for those experiencing vision problems or pain near the eye.

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