What Are Some Symptoms of Esophageal Reflux?


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Heartburn, regurgitation, nausea, stomach bloating and burping are signs of esophageal reflux, according to WebMD. These are potential signs that stomach acid has caused inflammation within the esophagus. Over time, this potentially causes bleeding and damage to the esophageal lining.

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What Are Some Symptoms of Esophageal Reflux?
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Heartburn consists of a burning discomfort or pain that ranges between the stomach and the center of the chest and abdomen as well as into the throat, but heartburn does not influence the heart. Regurgitation is a feeling that acid is moving back up into the throat or the mouth. The taste that it produces is often bitter, and sometimes the sensation of a moist belch occurs as does vomiting some of the stomach contents, notes WebMD.

Dyspepsia is a syndrome that affects many people suffering from esophageal reflux. It causes such symptoms as discomfort in the upper abdomen, bloating in the stomach, nausea after meals, and burping. The most common time when dyspepsia and other reflux symptoms occur is after finishing a large meal, while lying down (particularly on the back), or when lifting an object or bending over. These symptoms happen most commonly at night, and nighttime occurrences are also frequently more painful than those at other times of the day, reports WebMD.

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