What Are Some Symptoms of Eating Too Much Sugar?


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Some symptoms of eating to much sugar are anxiety, dizziness, weight retention and immune system dysfunction, according to Diagnose-Me.com. Other symptoms are muscle pain, migraines, asthma, diarrhea and depression. Almost one-fourth of a regular person's daily calorie intake is sugar. Too much sugar in a person's bloodstream is very detrimental because it increases the body's level of stress and hampers an individual's productivity level.

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People who consume too much sugar also have sugar cravings, skin issues and are constantly tired, explains Dr. Frank Lipman. Because sugar is extremely addictive, the more sugar people consume, the more they need it to function. Excessive sugar intake wreaks havoc in a person's body, and the results often manifest in the form of acne and overall skin imbalances. Eliminating too much sugar from a person's diet boosts energy levels and also enhances a person's mood.

Too much sugar intake weakens the body's immune system, leads to weight gain and makes people more susceptible to diseases, notes Mayo Clinic. A weakened immune system can result in diabetes and other harmful ailments. Sugar is in most food, but natural sugars in fruits and whole grains are significantly better than refined sugar, as processing strips it of all its nutritional value.

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