What Are the Symptoms of an Earache?


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Earaches are often caused by a cold virus or an infection; symptoms range from burning pain to hearing loss, notes WebMD. Whether a person has an earache caused by an infection or a cold virus, consulting a doctor is sometimes needed to receive a proper diagnosis and treatment.

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According to WebMD, earaches caused by a cold virus can be a sharp, dull or burning pain that ranges from mild to very painful. Other symptoms are difficulty with sleeping, running a fever and the occurrence of green or yellow mucus in the nose. Earaches caused by an infection can be extremely painful as well, producing a loss of appetite, irritability, poor sleep, fever, vertigo, drainage in the ear, difficulty hearing and a middle ear infection with fluid buildup that prevents the eardrum from functioning properly.

MinuteClinic from CVS Health states that common treatments for ear infections include fever and pain medications, antibiotics or observation to ensure symptoms do not get worse.

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