What Are the Symptoms of Dyslexia?


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Symptoms of dyslexia in children include delayed talking, difficulty learning new words, or difficulty with songs and games that rhyme, according to Mayo Clinic. However, it is difficult to diagnose dyslexia before a child enters school and learns how to read.

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Once a child has entered school, symptoms of dyslexia could include reading below the expected level for the child, difficulty spelling and difficulty following a rapid series of instructions, according to Mayo Clinic. The child may also have trouble understanding what is heard and have problems remembering the sequence of certain things.

As a child ages, symptoms could include difficulty reading, including reading aloud, and struggling with time management, states Mayo Clinic. Older children, teens and adults may also find it hard to summarize stories, solve math problems and memorize things. If a small child is below her average reading level, or when signs and symptoms are noticed in older people, it is important to consult with a doctor.

While there is no known way of treating the brain abnormality that causes dyslexia, as of 2015, there are a number of educational techniques that can be used to help people suffering from it, states Mayo Clinic. Educators can use teaching techniques that involve touch or sight to help children better process information. Also, parents can read aloud to their child and encourage her to read aloud and build a vocabulary.

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