What Are Some Symptoms of a Dry Drunk?


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Individuals with dry drunk syndrome may over-romanticize their drinking days, continue to engage in unhealthy behaviors and have a lack of interest in activities after recovery, according to AlcoholRehab.com. They may also suffer from self-pity if they feel addiction recovery is not as satisfying as they had imagined.

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What Are Some Symptoms of a Dry Drunk?
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Although all recovering alcoholics experience bad days, individuals with dry drunk syndrome continually experience negative symptoms, notes AlcoholRehab.com. They may have low stress tolerance, easily becoming irritated. They may also deny the need to change their lives in recovery, and they often refuse to seek help. Dry drunks may turn to new vices or engage in unethical behavior, refusing to build a life in recovery.

A recovering individual may fall into dry drunk syndrome if he lacks coping skills or sets expectations that recovery is a return to life before an addiction rather than the beginning of a new life, explains AlcoholRehab.com. To avoid this, individuals should identify their symptoms and consider joining a support group such as Alcoholics Anonymous. It is important to realize that people often use the term "dry drunk" in a negative manner, and others may interpret it as blaming the victim. The term often does not take into account dual diagnoses and other factors that make recovery especially difficult for some.

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