What Are Some Symptoms of Drugs Abuse?


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Bloodshot eyes, unusually large or small pupils, sleep-pattern or appetite changes, and unexpected weight changes are several signs and symptoms of drug abuse, according to Helpguide.org. Other signs include worsening physical appearance, unclear speech, and unusual body odors.

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Individuals suffering from drug abuse often neglect their home, work and school responsibilities and use drugs in hazardous situations, such as driving while high and using dirty needles, states Helpguide.org. They tend to encounter legal problems and get arrested for offenses such as stealing and disorderly conduct. Drug abusers also experience relationship issues, as they typically argue with their loved ones.

Behavioral signs of drug abuse include odd financial difficulties, a new circle of friends, new hobbies, and frequent fights or accidents, says Helpguide.org. Mood swings, sudden hyperactivity, anxiousness and lethargy are several psychological signs of drug abuse.

To seek help and recover, drug abusers can go to rehab, learn about self-help programs, or get therapy under the guidance of a health care professional, recommends Helpguide.org. Friends or relatives of a drug abuser may help their loved one by offering support without being judgmental. They should avoid preaching, punishing or bribing the individual. Drug abusers may attend a Narcotics Anonymous meeting in their areas or contact the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration through its free referral helpline.

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