What Are Some Symptoms of a Distended Stomach?


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Symptoms of a distended stomach include diarrhea, abdominal pain, fever and vomiting, states MedicineNet. Other symptoms include tightness and an uncomfortable feeling of fullness, abdominal rumbling and frequent burping or belching, according to Healthline.

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A distended stomach is not necessarily the swelling of the stomach but the swelling of the abdomen, notes Healthline. Symptoms of this condition are hard to pinpoint. A distended stomach can be a symptom of conditions such as ovarian cancer, fluid in the abdominal cavity and impaired digestion, which occurs from an insufficient production of digestive enzymes. Patients should consult a doctor if abdominal pains, unexpected weight loss, blood in the stools and diarrhea accompany bloating or a distended stomach.

Swallowing air and overeating, especially foods high in fiber can cause abdominal swelling, explains Healthline. Irritable bowel syndrome can cause bloating and pain, causing a person to have a distended abdomen. Lactose intolerance can also cause this condition, as well as ascites, a condition in which fluid accumulates in the abdomen due to liver problems, such as cirrhosis or liver scarring.

A person can prevent symptoms of a distended stomach by eating slowly, reducing carbonated drinks and avoiding chewing gum as this action can cause swallowing of extra air. The person should also avoid drinking through a straw or eating gassy foods, such as dried beans and lentils, and maintain a healthy weight, details Healthline.

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