What Are Symptoms of Diseases Related to Lichens?


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Symptoms of diseases related to lichens include itching, skin blotches, blisters, bleeding and ulcers, states Mayo Clinic. Lichen-related diseases generally manifest in skin conditions and rashes.

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One disease caused by lichens is lichen sclerosus, a condition that infects the skin, especially that of the genitals, explains Mayo Clinic. It causes the skin to become white, patchy and itchy. It can also make sexual intercourse painful and result in bleeding. Although lichen sclerosus can resolve itself, it can also lead to more serious health problems such as skin cancer. Because this condition can cause scarring, it can narrow the opening of the vagina and thin the foreskin of the penis, creating problems down the road during intercourse and urination.

Another manifestation of a lichen-related disease is lichen planus, says the American Academy of Dermatology. This also affects the skin, leading to raised reddish rashes that are firm and shiny. These bumps can appear on the tongue as white dots, redden the gums, and create ridges and splits in fingernails. Eventually, rough scaly skin can form and turn itchy. Lichen planus can also affect the genitals, causing raw, open source and painful sexual intercourse. Rarely the disease infects the scalp, thinning the hair and creating scars.

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