What Are the Symptoms for Diabetic Neuropathy Foot Pain?


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Symptoms of diabetic neuropathy foot pain are pain, tingling, numbness, a burning sensation and sensitivity to touch, explains Mayo Clinic. Diabetic neuropathy can worsen, leading to muscle weakness, loss of coordination and loss of balance. A person may also develop ulcers and infections in the feet, which can eventually lead to deformities.

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Peripheral diabetic neuropathy, the type that mostly affects the feet, occurs when nerves and blood vessels sustain damage due to toxic levels of sugar in the blood, says Mayo Clinic. Smoking and alcohol use can contribute to the damage as well as kidney disease and being overweight. If diabetic neuropathy goes untreated, it can result in deformed and unstable foot joints, ulcers, loss of limbs, digestive problems and sexual dysfunction.

Sores that go unnoticed in the feet, usually due to numbness caused by neuropathy, can become ulcerated, infected and eventually lead to tissue death, explains Mayo Clinic. The only option is amputation. Joints in the feet aren't immune; they deteriorate, swell and even deform. Because diabetic nueropathy can't be cured, the only way to treat the disease is to manage the symptoms and control blood sugar. An individual needs to eat healthy meals, exercise often and maintain a healthy weight as well as quit smoking and drinking.

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