What Are the Symptoms of Diabetic Foot Pain?


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Symptoms of diabetic foot pain that can lead to diabetic neuropathy include numbness or temperature changes in the feet; sharp pains or cramps; a tingling or burning sensation; or muscle weakness, states Mayo Clinic. People also experience a loss of reflexes, balance and coordination with diabetic foot pain.

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What Are the Symptoms of Diabetic Foot Pain?
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Diabetic foot pain can also produce increased sensitivity to touch, such as severe pain when feet touch a bed sheet, notes Mayo Clinic. Serious foot problems can also lead to infections, deformities, bone and joint pain and ulcers for diabetics.

To prevent diabetic foot pain, individuals should check feet daily for infections or blisters that can become irritated or infected, according to WebMD. Feet should be washed with warm, not hot, water daily and dried right away. Diabetics should avoid long soaks in water because waterlogged sores take longer to heal. Shoe care is also important for diabetics with foot pain. Misfit shoes and rubbing can cause blisters that may become infected. Shoes should be broken in gradually, and socks should fit securely but not too tight.

Diabetic patients at risk for foot pain should not walk barefoot because blisters and calluses can form on the feet easily without the protection of socks or shoes, explains WebMD. Thicker socks and therapeutic shoes are recommended because they provide feet with extra cushion.

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