What Are Some Symptoms of Diabetes in Children?


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The symptoms of Type 1 diabetes in children include regular urination, excessive drinking of water, feeling tired and serious weight loss, according to Mayo Clinic. Fatigue, sores that take a long time to heal, and increased thirst may indicate that a child is suffering from Type 2 diabetes, explains Healthline.

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Too much sugar in the bloodstream may cause withdrawal of fluids from tissues, resulting in thirst, explains Mayo Clinic. This leads to immoderate drinking of water that triggers frequent urination. Sugar is a source of energy to the body, but without insulin, the body cannot convert sugar into energy, and this makes muscles, tissues and organs weak, resulting in fatigue, severe hunger and weight loss. Other symptoms of Type 1 diabetes in children include unclear vision, which occurs as a result of pulling away of fluid from eye lenses; yeast infection; and abnormal behavior.

Like Type 1 diabetes, extreme hunger and unexplained weight loss may also indicate that a child is suffering from diabetes Type 2, explains Healthline. The resistance of insulin may cause dark skin patches, especially on the neck and armpits, a condition known as acanthosis nigricans.

Frequent exercises and eating a balanced diet may aid in keeping diabetes at bay, notes Healthline. Overweight children are likely to suffer from diabetes, so parents need to monitor how children eat and exercise. A parent whose child suffers from any of these symptoms should consult a doctor immediately, advises Mayo Clinic.

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