What Are Some Symptoms of Dengue Fever?


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Very painful joints and muscles, pain beneath the eyes, serious headaches, and high fever are several symptoms of dengue fever, reports WebMD. Patients with dengue fever also experience vomiting, nausea, fatigue, skin rash within two to five days following a fever, and bleeding gums, nose bleed or other minor bleeding.

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Dengue fever symptoms manifest four to six days following an infection and occur up to 10 days, notes WebMD. Patients who contract the dengue infection for the first time usually exhibit milder symptoms. In serious cases, patients develop a rare complication called dengue hemorrhagic fever, which leads to high fever, lymph and blood vessel damage, an enlarged liver, nose and gum bleeding, and circulatory system failure. Dengue hemorrhagic fever may advance to dengue shock syndrome, causing severe bleeding, shock or death.

Common in tropical countries, dengue fever occurs when mosquitoes infected with dengue viruses transmit the viruses by biting people, explains WebMD. Travelers who visit tropical areas are prone to contracting the infection. To prevent dengue fever, doctors recommend using mosquito repellents indoors and outdoors, turning on air conditioning, wearing long-sleeved clothing and tucking in trousers into socks when going outside, and staying away from populated regions. It is also important to ensure all door and window screens have no holes and eliminate mosquito breeding areas, particularly flower pots, cans, old tires and other items that collect water.

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