What Are Some Symptoms of Demodex Mange?


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Symptoms of demodex mange in dogs include skin lesions, immune-related problems, genetic disorders and hair loss, states PetMD. Generally, the parasites causing this condition lead a benign coexistence with their hosts.

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An infestation of demodex mites can trigger an inflammatory skin disease in dogs called mange. The degree in which symptoms manifest varies in relation to the particular species living on the hair follicles and skin of sick dogs.

Demodectic mange that is restricted to specific areas on the body usually causes only mild symptoms. Dogs may shed their hair in flaky patches and bald spots may occur on the face, trunk and legs. When the disease covers a larger area or develops throughout the body, dogs may acquire secondary bacterial infections. This aggravates the condition and causes itchiness and a foul smell, notes WebMD.

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