What Are the Symptoms of Dementia in Women?


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Dementia symptoms vary based on the affected part of the brain but common signs are loss of recall and memory, difficulty with verbal self-expression and the inability to recognize people or places, states WebMD. Individuals often experience impairment in the cognitive skills needed to follow directions or execute a task.

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What Are the Symptoms of Dementia in Women?
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Marked personality changes often occur in dementia, displayed as low impulse control, volatile mood swings, excessive agitation, rudeness or aggression, reports WebMD. Individuals sometimes neglect personal hygiene. Those with frontotemporal dementia may become apathetic toward others, lose their capacity for empathy, and become verbally and physically inappropriate, sometimes exposing themselves to others. Dementia caused by protein deposits in the brain cells, or Lewy bodies, causes vivid visual hallucinations in the sufferers along with a tendency to lose balance and fall repeatedly. Visual disorientation is often experienced, making individuals incapable of navigating previously familiar places.

In primary progressive aphasia, a type of frontotemporal dementia, individuals lose the ability to speak, read and understand language, explains Mayo Clinic. In the subtype called semantic dementia, there is a tendency to interject statements into a conversation that are not relevant to the subject matter being discussed. Individuals often lose the ability to name familiar objects in cases of logopenic phonological aphasia and sometimes display very slow speech patterns.

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