What Are the Symptoms of a Complex Partial Seizure?


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Auras, automatisms and blank stares are common symptoms of complex partial seizures. Auras are frequently described as warnings and may manifest is many ways, including the feeling of deja vu and a sense of fear. Automatisms are repetitive movements that the sufferer does not do intentionally, states Johns Hopkins Medicine.

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Some automatisms that people may experience during complex partial seizures include fumbling, lip smacking or picking at their clothes. They may also wander or be unaware of their surroundings, according to the Epilepsy Foundation.

Sufferers may not remember having symptoms or seizures, states MedlinePlus. Other symptoms include abnormal sensations, such as tingling or numbness, hallucinations, abnormal muscle contractions, the inability to speak temporarily, and rapid heart rate.

All seizures occur from electrical disruptions in the brain, and partial seizures are the result of the disturbance remaining in a small area of the brain. Complex seizures affect behavior and the awareness or memory of the events prior to, during and after they happen, explains MedlinePlus.

Complex partial seizures generally last one to two minutes. They can happen to anyone, but may be more common in people who have had head injuries, strokes, or infections or tumors of the brain. The cause is usually unknown, reports the Epilepsy Foundation. Treatment options include modified diets, devices, medications and surgery.

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