What Are the Symptoms of the Common Cold?


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Symptoms of the common cold include watery eyes, congestion and a cough, according to Mayo Clinic. Other symptoms of the common cold include a stuffy or runny nose and mild fatigue, headache, fever or body aches. Some people with a common cold may experience a sore or itchy throat.

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What Are the Symptoms of the Common Cold?
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While a person has a common cold, nasal discharge may become thicker or more yellow or green in color, states Mayo Clinic. Symptoms of the common cold usually appear within three days of being exposed to the virus.

It may be necessary to seek medical attention if a fever goes over 103 degrees Fahrenheit, if the glands become significantly swollen or if sinus pain becomes severe. A doctor should be consulted if a person experiences a fever, sweating and chills. Coughing colored phlegm is another reason to speak to a physician.

It is fairly common for children with a common cold to also experience an ear infection, notes Mayo Clinic. Children with asthma may wheeze when they have a common cold. If a common cold does not subside, it may cause a sinus infection in adults or children. A common cold may also lead to pneumonia, strep throat, croup or bronchiolitis, all which require medical attention.

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