What Are the Symptoms of Colic?


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WebMD states that symptoms of colic in babies include crying for no reason for more than three hours per day. Most infants cry up to two hours per day, but babies with colic tend to have prolonged crying spells at regular times throughout the day. Babies with colic have prolonged crying spells for more than three days per week for at least three weeks.

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What Are the Symptoms of Colic?
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WebMD states that the cries of a baby with colic are more intense than normal cries and may sound like a high-pitched scream. Colicky babies seem normal when they are not experiencing a bout of crying. Many colicky babies cannot be soothed. Other symptoms of babies with colic include an arched back, clenched fists, a bloated stomach, a flushed face when crying, gassy, tightened stomach muscles and curling the body toward the center.

BabyCenter explains that colic presents in babies between 2 and 3 weeks of age. Colic peaks around 6 weeks old and may continue until 4 months of age. Colic is not fully understood, but experts believe that an improper balance in healthy intestinal microflora could cause colic for young infants. Parents should consult a doctor about colic to rule out other potential complications.

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