What Are the Symptoms of Chondrosarcoma?


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The main symptom of chondrosarcomasisre persistent pain in the area of the tumor, says the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. These tumors often occur in the long bones, the pelvis, the ribs and the scapula.

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The pain does not go away when the patient rests and sometimes keeps him up at night, says the AAOS. In some cases, a chondrosarcoma in the pelvis or the proximal femur causes pain in the knee or the hip, though large tumors in the pelvis can interfere with the patient's bladder and bowel.

Chondrosarcomas in the extremities also cause weakness and may disable the affected limb and cause it to atrophy, claims the AAOS. The joint that services the limb also does not work as well or move as easily as it should. Sometimes the patient's bone fractures because of the cancer. Other patients develop hyperglycemia, or elevated blood glucose levels, according to Radiopaedia. Hyperglycemia is an example of paraneoplastic syndrome, which is a side effect of a cancer and seems unrelated to the cancer itself.

Chondrosarcomas are either primary, de novo or they arise from other kinds of lesions in the patient's cartilage, says AAOS and Radiopaedia. They are difficult to treat, and doctors usually treat them with surgery, says the AAOS. They do not respond well to radiation or chemotherapy.

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