What Are Some Symptoms of Chlamydia in Women?


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Symptoms of chlamydia in women include bleeding between periods, pain when having sexual intercourse, itching or burning around and in the vagina, and abnormal discharge from the vagina that may exhibit odor, according to WebMD. Some women with chlamydia also experience abdominal pain accompanied by fever and pain when urinating.

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Symptoms of chlamydia are not always apparent right away, but may appear within one to three weeks after contracting the condition, explains WebMD. Chlamydia is one of the most-common sexually transmitted diseases, and more than 75 percent of women contract the condition without symptoms. The disease is diagnosed when physicians take a sample from the urethra and analyze the sample in a laboratory setting. A urine sample can also detect bacteria present in the body.

Chlamydia is treated through the use of oral antibiotics, such as doxycycline or azithromycin, according to WebMD. Patients are treated when the infection is rampant and with treatment, symptoms typically disappear within one to two weeks. It is possible to incur reinfections since the disease does not currently have a cure and can be spread to sexual partners. Women who have severe infections may need to be hospitalized to treat the condition with pain medications and intravenous antibiotics.

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