What Are the Symptoms of Cervical Disc Degeneration?


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Cervical disc degeneration is primarily characterized by pain in the neck, commonly experienced as a stiff neck. Other symptoms include loss of sensation, tingling and loss of strength in the shoulders, arms and neck, notes Spine-health.

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The effects of the degenerative process of the cervical discs typically manifest through a low-grade pain in the neck, which can limit the neck's mobility. The numbness, tingling and lack of strength that comes with this disease generally result from irritation and excessive pressure on the nerve roots of the cervical bones.

A compressed nerve root between the C6 and C7 neck bones may lead to a feeling of weakness in the triceps and forearms. Patients may also develop wrist drop and experience abnormal sensations in their fingertips, states Spine-health. Cervical disc degeneration is also known to cause cervical stenosis and acute disc herniation.

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