What Are the Symptoms of Celiac Disease?


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More than 300 potential symptoms exist for celiac disease, varying based on age, diet and overall health, according to WebMD. Common symptoms for adults include iron deficiency, arthritis, bone loss, seizures and skin rashes. Also common are mouth sores, bone or joint pain, erratic menstrual periods, and depression or anxiety.

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What Are the Symptoms of Celiac Disease?
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Children with celiac disease are more likely to develop digestive problems, suggests the Celiac Disease Foundation. In addition, common symptoms in children may include weight loss, irritability or behavioral issues, delayed growth and puberty, abdominal bloating, and chronic constipation or diarrhea. Also common are vomiting, fatigue or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Some children may also experience dental enamel defects on permanent teeth and paleness and a failure to thrive.

Teenagers typically experience many of the same symptoms of celiac disease as children or adults, but the symptoms are often triggered by stressful situations or events, according to WebMD. For example, when leaving home for college, teenagers may have an increase in abdominal pain, diarrhea, fatigue, depression, weight loss or skin rashes.

The severity of symptoms are influenced by the amount of damage incurred to the intestines before the disease was diagnosed, the age of the child when gluten was added to the diet and the length of time a child was breastfed, according to WebMD.

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