What Are Some Symptoms and Causes of Vision Problems?


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Some symptoms of vision problems are halos around lights, fading or yellowing colors, double or triple vision, and glare, says WebMD. The cause of these symptoms may be developing cataracts. Symptoms of sudden flashing lights and floating black spots are caused by retinal detachment.

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Not being able to see objects in dim light might be caused by night blindness, says WebMD. The cause of the inability to tell one shade of color from another is colorblindness. This mostly afflicts males and is usually not discovered until the eyes are tested.

Very severe, throbbing pain in the eye, blurred vision, red eye, nausea and vomiting are symptoms caused by acute glaucoma, says WebMD. Medical help needs to be sought right away for this condition. A baby whose eyes tear or seem cloudy and who is sensitive to light might have congenital glaucoma.

Crooked lines that should be straight, visual distortions as well as floaters, and a gradual diminution in central vision are symptoms caused by macular degeneration, claims WebMD. The symptom of a curtain being lowered over the visual field is possibly caused by a stroke. Sensitivity to bright light is caused by iritis or uveitis, which is an inflammation of the eye.

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