What Are Some Symptoms of Cancer of the Neck and Throat?

Symptoms include a lump in the nose, neck or throat; headaches; difficulty swallowing; frequent coughing; unexplained weight loss; and persistent sore throat, explains CancerCenter.com. Furthermore, blood in saliva and phlegm coupled with white and red patches in the mouth may symbolize the presence of throat and neck cancer, says Cancer.Net.

In some instances, the individual may also experience a lot of fatigue, even if he hasn't done any strenuous activities. This is a potential sign of throat and neck cancer. If there is a foul smell from the oral cavity even with good oral hygiene, this may be a sign there are cancerous cells in the neck and throat. Headaches, loosening teeth, swollen jaws and ringing pain in the ears may also be symptomatic of cancer, explains Cancer.Net.

Most neck and throat cancer symptoms are similar to those produced by less serious diseases, such as the common cold and flu. Therefore, these symptoms often go undetected, or people do not treat them with the urgency they deserve, which may lead to late diagnosis and treatment of the cancerous cells. Consequently, if any of the above symptoms are present, it is advisable to visit a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment, according to Cancer.Net