What Are Symptoms of Cancer of the Ear?


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Some symptoms associated with cancer of the ear are discharge from the ear, earaches, vertigo and hearing loss, relates the University of Mississippi Medical Center. A tumor that starts in the ear can cause these symptoms. Ear cancer may also involve temporal bone cancer.

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The temporal bone is located in the skull above the ear region. Cancer that involves both the ear and temporal bone may be linked to either basal skin or squamous cell cancer, reports Cedars-Sinai. However, the more common cancer involved in ear or temporal bone cancer is basal skin cancer. The middle ear can develop malignant tumors that are linked to squamous cell cancer, explains the Ear Surgery Information Center.

Some risk factors for ear cancer are recurring ear infections and skin infections that involve the ear canal. Squamous cell cancer found in the middle ear is usually detected in an advance state, according to the Ear Surgery Information Center. Doctors can diagnose ear cancer through a biopsy of the middle ear. The use of CT scans and MRIs are important for determining the spread of cancer or tumor in the ear or mastoid bone. Staging of the cancer is necessary for proper treatment. The initial treatment for this type of cancer can be surgery to remove the tumor. Surgery can involve the removal of the mastoid and inner ear. Radiation therapy is given after surgery. However, this form of cancer can be fatal, if it has spread to parts of the brain.

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