What Are the Symptoms of a Brown Recluse Bite?

Symptoms of a brown recluse spider bite include minor burning, white blisters and severe pain at the bite site, followed by severe itching, nausea, vomiting, fever and muscle pain, according to eMedicineHealth. The initial bite may just look red with fang marks before healing during the next few weeks after the bite.

The bite site may look blue and blistered with necrotic, dead skin around the bite marks. eMedicineHealth explains that most bites do not cause much pain or tissue destruction. MedicineNet indicates that brown recluse spider bites usually have a blue or purple dot in the center surrounded by a white ring and then a red ring. This forms a "bull's eye" type pattern. When the white blister falls off, the bite often turns black.

Brown recluse bites are more common in children than adults, and bites very rarely lead to deaths. Unless the victim actually sees the brown recluse spider, the bite area may be confused with other maladies that are more common, such as strep infections, staph infections, herpes, stings, burns, bites from other insects, thorns or early stages of Lyme disease.