What Are Some Symptoms of Breast Cancer?


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Symptoms of breast cancer include a thickening or lump in the breast area, nipple changes, nipple discharge, breast pain and breast skin changes such as dimpling or puckering, according to Susan G. Komen. The symptoms are not always the same for every person.

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What Are Some Symptoms of Breast Cancer?
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Many breast cancer symptoms involve changes in appearance or feeling in the breasts and nipples. Lumps are commonly associated with breast cancer, but a lump or change in the breast is not always breast cancer. The lump can be as small as a pea and persist past the menstrual cycle, states WebMD. The lump might appear in the breast or in the underarm area. In some cases, the area feels more like a thickening of the skin than a lump, notes Susan G. Komen.

Nipple changes might include the nipple turning inward, thickening, becoming red or looking scaly. Nipple discharge is not often a sign of breast cancer, explains Susan G. Komen. When discharge is associated with cancer, it usually occurs without squeezing the breast and appears clear or tinted with blood rather than milky. The discharge may only come from one breast. The skin in the breast area often shows signs of cancer. Changes include dimpling, puckering, scaliness, redness, inflammation or darkening, notes WebMD. The skin may also feel warm to the touch. Pain associated with breast cancer often appears in one spot and persists.

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