What Are the Symptoms of Brain Tumor?


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Symptoms of a brain tumor include unexplained nausea or vomiting, changes in behavior or personality, headaches that gradually increase in frequency and severity, and new onset or change in pattern of headaches, according to Mayo Clinic. Brain tumors may also cause vision problems such as double vision, blurred vision or loss of peripheral vision.

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Brain tumors may cause balance problems, notes Mayo Clinic. Some people with a brain tumor may experience a gradual loss of movement or sensation in an arm or leg. Brain tumors can cause unwarranted confusion, seizures and hearing problems. Signs and symptoms of a brain tumor vary widely based on the growth rate, location and size of the tumor. If symptoms are persistent and cause concern, it is important to seek medical advice.

Although brain tumors can occur at any age, they are most common in older adults, notes Mayo Clinic. The cause of the brain tumor is usually unknown. Recurrent forms of radiation such as the type associated with cell phones, microwaves or power lines have not been proven to cause brain tumors, as of 2015, but people who have been exposed to ionizing radiation are at higher risk. Some types of brain tumors are caused by genetic syndromes that run in the family.

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