What are the symptoms of a brain meningioma?


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The symptoms of a brain meningioma include headaches, blurred vision, arm and leg weakness, numbness and seizures, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine. Other symptoms can be loss of balance, memory and hearing. The symptoms largely depend on which part of the brain the tumor presses against.

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Other symptoms of brain meningioma are bulging eyes, inability to move the eyes and changes in personality, claims UCLA Neurosurgery. People can suffer euphoria or a flattening of affect, difficulties in swallowing and urinary incontinence.

Fortunately, most meningiomas are benign and grow slowly. Many are silent, claims Johns Hopkins Medicine. They are often discovered by accident when a patient goes to her doctor for another reason.

Meningiomas are far more common in women, and the risk of getting one increases if the patient has already had radiation treatment for other brain, head or neck tumors, says Johns Hopkins Medicine. The risk of a brain meningioma is also increased if a person has neurofibromatosis type 2.

Patients can opt for three types of treatment depending on the size, growth rate and location of the meningioma. The tumor can be observed if it's growing very slowly and causing only mild or no symptoms. It can be treated with radiation, or it can be removed surgically.

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