Are There Any Symptoms of Bone Cancer?


Potential symptoms of bone cancer include bone pain, broken bones, and tenderness or swelling near the area affected by the disease, reports Mayo Clinic. Patients with bone cancer may also experience unintentional weight loss and fatigue.

The most common bone cancer symptom is pain, advises MedicineNet. The pain caused by bone cancer often begins at particular times of day, usually at night, and may increase with physical activity. The pain grows gradually more intense with the passage of time, although pain may be present for years prior to the affected person seeking out treatment. Imaging studies and X-rays for other conditions sometimes reveal the disease.

A lump, swelling or mass often occurs in the area affected by bone cancer, notes MedicineNet. Fractures of the bone at the tumor site are also common, since the cancer weakens the bone. Although less common, tumors caused by bone cancer may compress or disrupt the blood vessels and nerves near the area, causing symptoms such as tenderness, tingling and numbness. This compression also often causes symptoms from decreased blood flow, including a weakened pulse and feeling cold.

Medical science remains unsure of the exact causes of bone cancer as of 2015. Environmental and hereditary factors may play a part in the disease’s development, notes MedicineNet.