What Are Some Symptoms of Bladder Stones?


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Symptoms of bladder stones include bloody urine, urine flow interruption, pain in the lower abdomen, painful urination and cloudy urine, according to Mayo Clinic. Patients with bladder stones may also urinate frequently, and men may experience pain in the penis. The symptoms of bladder stones may only appear if the stones cause irritation on the bladder wall or cause blockage of the urine flow, so not all patients experience the symptoms.

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To avoid complications such as urinary tract infections and chronic bladder dysfunction, individuals should seek medical attention as soon as symptoms of bladder stones appear, notes Mayo Clinic. Bladder stones that don't cause symptoms can still cause complications. Treatment options for bladder stones include cystolitholapaxy, which involves breaking the stones into small pieces before flushing them out of the bladder; and surgery, which suits patients with hard-to-break or large stones.

Bladder stones refer to hard mineral buildups that form in the urinary bladder due to crystallization of urine minerals as a result of high urine concentration, note Mayo Clinic. The concentration of urine rises as a result of the inability of the bladder to empty completely. Bladder outlet obstruction and neurogenic bladder are a few factors that render an individual vulnerable to bladder stones.

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