What are some symptoms of a bladder infection?


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The symptoms of a bladder infection include bloody urine, pain during urination, cloudy urine, smelly urine, frequent urination, low fever and cramping on the lower back, states Healthline. Most of these symptoms occur depending on the underlying cause of bladder infections. In elderly people, the symptoms are usually linked to aging.

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What are some symptoms of a bladder infection?
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Also known as bladder inflammation or cystitis, bladder infections are conditions caused by bacteria. They tend to affect women more than men, according to WebMD. At least half of all women have experienced a bladder infection at some point in their lives. In men, the risk of getting a bladder infection heightens with age due to an increase in prostrate size. It is not yet well known why women are more vulnerable to bladder infections than men. Bladder infections occur due to the entry of a bacteria through the urethra that travels to the bladder.

Treatment of bladder infections is easy, but some cases tend to be recurrent. In rare cases, recurring bladder infections may cause kidney infections, notes WebMD. Therefore, it is necessary to treat any underlying causes of bladder infections effectively to prevent recurrence. Lifestyle changes may be recommended by a doctor to prevent bladder infections.

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