What Are Symptoms of a Bladder Illness?


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Common symptoms of a bladder infection include foul-smelling urine; a burning sensation while urinating; urine that is bloody or appears cloudy; frequently feeling the need to urinate; and a distinct pressure or cramping in the lower back or abdomen, according to Healthline. A low fever is a rare symptom that occurs in bladder infections and can indicate the disease has reached the kidneys.

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Bladder spasms and urinating just a small amount at a time despite a persistent urge are other symptoms of a bladder infection, explains WebMD. Mental confusion and lethargy in an elderly patient are signs that point to a severe form of urinary tract infection. When patients experience painful urination along with chills, fever, vomiting, bloody urine or abdominal pain, immediate medical attention is required. These symptoms indicate serious conditions, such as a prostate infection, a bladder tumor, kidney disease or a urinary tract stone. Persistent pain while urinating and a burning sensation accompanied by a discharge from the penis or vagina are symptoms of a sexually transmitted disease and require medical treatment.

Common signs and symptoms of bladder cancer include pelvic pain; back pain; frequent and painful urination; and hematuria or blood in urine, states Mayo Clinic. When urine takes on a cola-colored or bright red appearance, the individual needs to visit a health care provider immediately.

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