What are some symptoms of bipolar disorder in men?


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Bipolar disorder in men causes extreme mood swings that alternate between mania stages where men feel overly energetic to stages of depression and low energy, explains WebMD. The symptoms and signs of biopolar disorder vary based on an individual's mental health and are not usually determined by gender.

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During the manic stages of bipolar disorder, people often require less sleep, feel overly happy or extremely irritable, engage in more activities and talk more than usual, according to WebMD. Mania can also cause racing thoughts, difficulty concentrating and impulsive acts, such as reckless driving, foolish business ventures and frequent unsafe sex.

The depression stage of bipolar disorder causes individuals to feel anxious or sad for long periods of time, have less interest in daily activities, and experience difficulty making decisions or concentrating, explains WebMD. Depression can also prompts lower energy levels which can slow speech and thoughts. People with bipolar disorder who are experiencing depression may also have changes in sleeping and eating habits. In severe cases, a person going through the depression stage of bipolar disorder may have suicidal thoughts.

Some people with bipolar disorder experience mixed symptoms where the highs and lows of depression and mania occur simultaneously, according to WebMD. Consultation with a medical professional is necessary when symptoms of bipolar disorder exist.

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