What Are the Symptoms of Being Seven Weeks Pregnant?

What Are the Symptoms of Being Seven Weeks Pregnant?

Women in their seventh week of pregnancy can experience a host of symptoms, including swollen breasts, bouts of indigestion, constipation and dizziness, according to WhattoExpect.com. Migraine headaches, which result from hormonal changes, can also occur during this time.

WhattoExpect.com explains that many women in the seventh week have to learn to cope with certain aversions to food. Health care practitioners suggest substituting foods with other healthful alternatives if specific foods are causing vomiting or nausea.

During the seventh week, cramping is a normal symptom, according to ThePregnancyZone.com. However, if it is accompanied by neck pain or shoulder pain or occurs with dizziness or contractions, the doctor should be called. The first prenatal visit is typically scheduled during this period.

Frequent urination is another symptom that is commonplace during the seventh week. The hormone hCG causes a woman to urinate more because it increases the circulation in the pelvic area and the kidneys. In addition, the uterus places more pressure on the bladder during this time. The pressure is typically relieved during the second trimester when the uterus is elevated into the abdominal cavity.

ThePregnancyZone.com points out that health care practitioners advise that pregnant women not cut back on liquids as mother and baby both need a consistent supply of fluid. In addition, dehydration may lead to a urinary tract infection.