What Are Symptoms of Being Eight Weeks Pregnant?


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At eight-weeks pregnant, most women have not gained much weight, but their breasts are likely to have started getting bigger, according to BabyCenter. Women's Healthcare Topics notes that some other symptoms of early pregnancy include nausea, fatigue, vomiting and mild abdominal cramping.

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Although the early weeks and months of pregnancy are most likely filled with excitement and thoughts of preparing for the future, personal care is extremely important. Getting the proper rest, nutrients and emotional support help promote a comfortable pregnancy, delivery, and overall optimal health and well-being for the baby, advises BabyCenter. Morning sickness sometimes causes a loss of appetite, but that stage quickly passes. Increasing calcium levels is important, and BabyCenter recommends taking daily vitamin D supplements as well. Eating fiber-rich foods is also a good idea, as it helps with constipation, which is quite common in pregnant women.

In addition to getting the right nutrients, BabyCenter stresses the importance of taking special care of the back, pelvis, neck and legs. The loosened ligaments due to the surge in hormones released during pregnancy cause more susceptibility to muscle strains. Getting a pregnancy massage or taking a scented bath, as BabyCenter suggests, can help to keep the muscles relaxed.

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