What Are the Symptoms of Being Bipolar?


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The symptoms of bipolar disorder include increased activity and energy, irritability or euphoria, racing thoughts, an inflated self-esteem and impulsiveness, according to WebMD. Some phases of the illness may include symptoms of depression, such as loneliness, helplessness, sadness, poor concentration and low energy levels.

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Bipolar disorder typically consist of two phases that include bipolar mania or hypo-mania and bipolar depression, explains WebMD. People with bipolar mania tend to behave recklessly and may participate in high-risk activities, such as fast driving, shopping sprees and promiscuous sex, while in the pursuit of instant gratification. People with bipolar depression may experience a lack of interest in normal activities, fatigue, slow speech, poor coordination and a feeling of apathy. In extreme cases, people with bipolar depression may experience suicidal feelings and thoughts.

Sleep symptoms vary based on the phase of bipolar disorder, according to WebMD. For example, people in a hypo-mania phase of the disorder have high levels of energy and less need for sleep, whereas individuals in the bipolar depression face may oversleep and have low levels of energy. Both phases may include bouts of insomnia. Additional symptoms of bipolar disorder may include restlessness, tenseness, anxiety and overwhelming worry, according to Mayo Clinic.

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