What Are the Symptoms of Being 5 Weeks Pregnant?


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At five weeks of pregnancy, it's likely that one menstrual period has been missed and the realization of a possible pregnancy has occurred, explains the United Kingdom's National Health Service. According to BabyCenter, other physical changes or symptoms of early pregnancy include frequent urination, fatigue, sore breasts and, possibly, bouts of nausea.

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Parenting magazine notes that although the body hasn't undergone many external changes at five weeks of pregnancy, the baby's development is making great leaps. The umbilical cord has formed, allowing nutrients and oxygen to be passed to the baby. Additionally, the baby's brain, heart and spinal cord are in the early stages of taking shape.

Parenting magazine recommends using this time to build healthy pregnancy habits such as avoiding alcoholic drinks and regularly taking prenatal vitamins containing iron, calcium and folic acid. Exercise can also be an important element of self-care during pregnancy. Check with a health and maternity specialist before undertaking any specific exercise program, and take things slowly. Exercise can help strengthen the body to meet the demands of pregnancy, but lagging energy levels may make certain fitness movements difficult. Opt for low-impact, easily accomplished exercise routines such as brisk walking, whole body stretches or gentle yoga.

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