What are the symptoms of autism?


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The core symptoms of autism include a lack of empathy, failure to establish friendships, a deficiency in nonverbal communication skills, and a lack of interest in sharing enjoyment with others, according to WebMD. Those with autism also have limited interest in play activities and often exhibit repetitive body movements.

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What are the symptoms of autism?
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These symptoms are usually common during childhood, states WebMD. Autism is present during birth, although the symptoms do not typically appear until a youngster is at least 3 years old. Children with autism usually do not play certain games like peekaboo and do not start to talk. Sometimes a child with autism may begin to talk just like other kids of the same age, but later loses language skills. He may appear to having hearing loss or impairment.

Early intensive medication may improve the ability of the child to interact with others, notes WebMD. Teenagers with autism have unique behaviors and are at high risk of getting depression, epilepsy and anxiety. Although they gain skills as they grow up, they still lack the ability to get along with others.

An adult with autism can live an independent life, but this depends on intelligence and the ability to relate to others. WebMD states that 33 percent of the victims can lead an independent life. However, there are grownups who need assistance, especially when it comes to communication.

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