What Are the Symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder in Adults?


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Adults with attention deficit disorder, or ADHD, have difficulty maintaining attention while working on tasks, are easily distracted, and fail to pay close attention to details that can lead to mistakes during activities or on the job, explains Mayo Clinic. Adults with ADHD are commonly reluctant to engage in mentally challenging tasks, lose important items, often forget tasks or daily activities, and have difficulty listening when others are speaking.

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People with ADHD often fail to finish tasks or follow instructions and struggle with organizing activities and tasks, notes Mayo Clinic. Adults with ADHD are often impulsive and hyper and may leave the room unexpectedly, fidget with feet or hands, squirm when sitting, or have difficulty remaining quiet. Additional symptoms include talking too much, blurting out answers, struggling with waiting for a turn to speak and becoming restless at inappropriate times.

An adult with ADHD is driven and on the go often, and may intrude on conversations of others, often interrupting, explains Mayo Clinic. Patients typically must experience symptoms for at least six months and notice a persistent pattern of behaviors that were present during childhood before a diagnosis is given. Some adults with ADHD notice that their behavior impacts their work or school performance negatively and can even impact relationships or home life.

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