What Are the Symptoms Associated With Right Kidney Pain?


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Symptoms associated with kidney pain include fever, nausea, vomiting, flank pain and painful urination, according to MedicineNet. Kidney pain can occur in either the left or right kidney or in both at the same time. Doctors recommend medications such as ibuprofen, acetaminophen and ketorolac to relieve kidney pain.

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The main causes of kidney pain include kidney stones and urinary tract infections, states MedicineNet. Trauma to the area that causes a lacerated kidney can also cause pain. Additional symptoms such as a fever, flank pain or frequent urination are a sign of infection, according to Mayo Clinic. Antibiotics are required if the symptoms are caused by a bacterial infection.

Patients may confuse kidney pain with back pain. Kidney pain typically is felt higher and deeper in the back, under the ribs, while back pain generally occurs in a lower area. Patients should contact their doctors if they have constant dull pain, fever, fatigue and body aches, states the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Physicians use a patient's medical history, physical exam and laboratory tests to determine the underlying cause of right kidney pain. Depending on the symptoms, a patient may require imaging of the abdomen or pelvis to confirm a diagnosis.

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