What Are Symptoms of Arthritis in Your Toes?


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Symptoms of arthritis in the toes include stiffness, loss of movement in the joints, difficulty walking and swelling, explains the Arthritis Foundation. Some people may experience pain or tenderness in the foot and may be unable to walk.

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Different forms of arthritis affect the toes in various ways, according to the Arthritis Foundation. Signs of rheumatoid arthritis in a toe may include curling and stiffening of the affected toe into positions like a hammer toe or claw toe. Arthritis can also produce the development of corns or bunions on the toe or foot. Psoriatic arthritis can cause the toenails to thicken and separate from the nail bed. The skin of the feet may also feel tender.

Patients with Raynaud's phenomenon, a form of arthritis, may notice that the pain worsens when exposed to stress or cold temperatures, explains the Arthritis Foundation. The affected toes may become cold, white and then blue when blood vessels close down, causing pain or numbness. Affected toes often become red or purple when the blood vessels open up. Osteoporosis, a condition in which bones become brittle, can lead to stress fractures when people bear weight on the toes. This condition worsens with inactivity, age and a low-calcium diet.

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