What Are the Symptoms of Arthritis in Fingers?


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Symptoms of arthritis in the fingers include a grinding sensation within the fingers, join pain that may burn or feel dull and swelling of the fingers or thumb, according to OrthoInfo. Small cysts on the fingers and thumbs are also symptoms of arthritis.

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What Are the Symptoms of Arthritis in Fingers?
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Activity can increase pain associated with arthritis in the fingers, explains OrthoInfo. The fingers contain multiple small joints that work together to complete small movements. Arthritis in these joints can make movements difficult. For example, when individuals grip or grasp doorknobs, handles and objects, the pain can be more extreme and cause stiffness in the finger and thumb joints. Pain is often relieved when those inflicted are resting; however, joint pain is often at its worst in the morning.

Individuals with arthritis in the fingers may notice more mobility in neighboring joints, according to OrthoInfo. The neighboring joints compensate for the immobility of the fingers and thumbs affected by arthritis. Inflammation can also occur during activity of the affected area, causing burning or warm sensations.

Swelling is also common when people have arthritis in the fingers, thumbs and hands. As the joints are stressed during activity and use, the fingers may swell to prevent further use, according to OrthoInfo.

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