What Are Some Symptoms of Anxiety?

Although symptoms of anxiety vary based on the type of anxiety disorder being experienced, anxiety usually manifests as feelings of fear, uneasiness or panic; problems falling asleep or staying asleep; sweaty hands and feet; breathing difficulty and shortness of breath; and an inability to be calm or still, according to WebMD. Dizziness, muscle tension, nausea and tingling or numbness in the feet or hands are also symptoms of anxiety.

WebMD notes that there are several different anxiety disorder types. One of the most common includes panic disorder, which is characterized by an overwhelming feeling of terror. This terror strikes abruptly without any sort of warning and may be accompanied by physical symptoms, including chest pain, sweating, irregular or palpitating heartbeats and a choking feeling. Some people end up in the emergency room, fearful of a heart attack, when a panic attack strikes.

Social anxiety disorder is another type of anxiety disorder that involves intense self-consciousness in everyday situations and overwhelming worry. WebMD states that the sufferer may be fearful of being ridiculed or embarrassed.

Generalized anxiety disorder is an anxiety disorder that is characterized by unrealistic tension and worry. Usually, there is little to provoke the feeling of anxiety in generalized anxiety order, but it involves excessive anxiety nonetheless, according to WebMD.