What Are Some Symptoms of Anemia in Women?


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Symptoms of anemia in women include loss of energy, easy fatigue and unusually fast heart beat, especially when exercising, notes WebMD. Anemia also causes difficulty concentrating, pale skin, dizziness, insomnia and leg cramps.

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What Are Some Symptoms of Anemia in Women?
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Anemia may have other symptoms that are cause-specific, notes WebMD. For example, if it results from iron deficiency, then the person may have a sore mouth that cracks at its corners and may experience pica, which is a condition in which the person craves strange substances, such as dirt. The person's nails may also curve upward. When anemia is caused by a deficiency of vitamin B-12, the person may have difficulty walking, have an awkward gait and experience tingling in the hands or feet.

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