What Are Some Symptoms of Anca Vasculitis?


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The common symptoms of vasculitis include headaches, night sweats, fatigues, fever, rashes and the loss of weight, according to the Johns Hopkins Vasculitis Center. The different types of vasculitis exhibit varying symptoms, and they could develop rapidly in later stages. Still, weak localization of the symptoms results in complexities during diagnosis.

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The vrious types of vasculitis have specific or localized symptoms, and the ailment can be classified as systematic, explains the Johns Hopkins Vasculitis Center. Patients, as a result, experience a feeling of sickness. In a majority of cases, patients report that they experience loss of weight, diffuse aches, fatigue and fevers. Physicians commonly refer to this ailment as "a hurting ailment" because it is associated with varying types of bodily pain. Some of the strain common with the disease includes pain due to skin ulcers, nerve infarction pain, and pain that is caused by insufficient blood in the gastrointestinal tract.

Diagnosing vasculitis can be a challenge because of the complexities of understanding the source of pain and the underlying causes, notes Johns Hopkins. In addition, the symptoms are not only poorly localized, but they are also diffuse, which makes diagnosis complicated. The fact that vasculitis involves all the bodily organs further complicates the diagnosis of the disease.

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