What Are Some Symptoms of an Allergic Reaction to Shrimp?


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Possible symptoms of an allergic reaction to shrimp or other shellfish include hives, itching and eczema, according to Mayo Clinic. Other possible symptoms include difficulty breathing, nasal congestion and wheezing. An allergic reaction to shrimp may also cause swelling of various parts of the body, including the lips, face, throat or tongue. Some people may feel nauseous due to an allergic reaction to shrimp, and vomiting, diarrhea or abdominal pain may occur.

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An allergic reaction to shrimp may cause some people to feel dizzy or lightheaded, and fainting may occur, notes Mayo Clinic. Tingling in the mouth is another possible symptom of an allergic reaction to shrimp. Symptoms of an allergic reaction to shellfish usually become evident within minutes to an hour after eating.

It is possible for an allergic reaction to cause a potential fatal condition called anaphylaxis, states Mayo Clinic. Signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis include a lump in the throat or a swollen throat that constricts the airway, shock accompanied by a severe drop in blood pressure and a rapid pulse. Anaphylaxis may also cause lightheadedness, dizziness or a loss of consciousness.

It is important to seek medical attention if symptoms of an allergic reaction occur after eating, recommends Mayo Clinic. If signs of anaphylaxis occur, it is necessary to get an adrenaline injection and go immediately to the emergency room.

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