What Are the Symptoms of Alcoholism in Women?


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Some symptoms of alcoholism include inability to limit amount of alcohol intake, drinking alone or in private, irritability when usual time for drinking nears and legal or financial problems. Individuals that drink too much alcohol frequently are at a greater risk of developing alcoholism or alcohol dependence, notes WebMD.

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Alcoholism is a term used to refer to a condition in which an individual cannot go without taking alcohol. When alcoholics try to stop drinking, they may experience several withdrawal effects. Examples of these effects include fever, tremors, sweating, nausea and anxiety. It is a good idea to inform a doctor or any other health professional if alcoholism is suspected, notes Mayo Clinic.

Women with alcoholism are likely to experience memory loss after a drinking episode, this is sometimes referred to as black out. They may have to increase the amount of alcohol they take in order to feel the effects. Taking alcohol to feel confident or normal is another symptom associated with alcoholism.

Other symptoms include loss of interest in hobbies, unexplained change in friends, tendency to keep alcohol in unlikely places at home or office, drinking at odd hours and having a strong urge to take alcohol. Medications, psychological counseling and detoxification are some of the treatment options available for individuals that have become alcohol dependent.

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