What Are Some Symptoms of Alcohol Intoxication?


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Symptoms of alcohol intoxication include breath that smells like alcohol, dilated pupils, loss of balance, blackouts or seizures, and nausea and vomiting. Other symptoms include hypothermia, irregular breathing and a pale skin. Alcohol intoxication results from taking more alcohol than the body can manage.

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The body absorbs alcohol faster than food but takes longer to expel it. The liver processes most of the alcohol. Factors such as body size and weight, overall health, alcohol tolerance level, alcohol content in the drinks, and the rate and amount of alcohol consumption determine the risk of alcohol poisoning. Alcohol poisoning can cause complications such as choking on vomit, severe dehydration due to vomiting, seizures due to reduced blood sugar level, and hypothermia. It can also result in irreversible brain damage or death.

If you are with someone exhibiting the symptoms of alcohol intoxication, call emergency services, don't leave the person alone, and keep him sitting up to prevent choking. Also, give information about the amount and type of alcohol taken to health care providers. Treatment includes medicines such as thiamine to boost vitamin B1 levels, sedatives to induce calmness and antinausea, and glucose. Patients with breathing problems may get an oxygen mask or a ventilator for breathing support. A health care provider may also discuss how to control drinking and help to set goals to reduce alcohol consumption.

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